PRIVACY POLICY – Philippines


The Döhle Group respects the privacy of all of its clients, employees and associated parties and is therefore committed to protecting all personal data collected and processed.

We have both a legal and a moral responsibility to ensure that we treat your personal data with the same level of privacy and confidentiality as we expect our own data to be treated and in line with all legal and regulatory requirements.

We know that data protection can often be quite a specialist subject and we have tried to make things as simple as possible as part of our obligation to you, to assist you in understanding exactly how and why we process your personal data, furthermore, we must ensure that you are aware of how the Döhle Group holds and processes your personal data.

We believe that the key principles of the data protection regulation are transparency, accountability and security and have therefore worked hard to ensure that all of our processing activities adhere to these principles. For further details on the specific processing activities we carry out as well as the lawful basis under which we process the data, please see the relevant sections of this privacy policy.